• I write to give voice to thoughts that fill me.
  • I speak to say what needs to be said to affect change in the best way.
  • I am an advocate for the value of all life.
  • I am a survivor of many types of suffering; I have lost much, but have gained more.

CHANGE is inevitable.

As I have endured different seasons of life-losses, my writing and focus has changed in order to keep authenticity in line with my current circumstances.  I created “alwaysasongofhope.com” after I won my fight with cancer and it is primarily a site that acknowledges the blessings in my life.  Six years later, I create now, “inthebattle.org” to address the issues of addiction and how it has affected my life.


I hope you will come alongside and find encouragement and hope in the days ahead!

~ Sheryl