Addiction Juxtaposed with a Christian World View

Granville Village School, Granville, MA

November 26, 2018

Before you can set one thing against another, you must define and create the presentation on both sides and that is just what I did for the high school students at Granville Village School.


Is addiction even mentioned in the Bible? Not specifically, but the idea of something taking control over your mind and actions is…

What exactly is addiction? And how does someone become addicted?

A tension exists between the flesh and the spirit; desires for each battle it out in our minds and hearts.  Is addiction just a bad choice, is it a moral failing and anyone who becomes addicted deserves whatever befalls him? Or is addiction a chronic illness that began with a bad choice? How you view addiction will determine how you will respond to, and react to, those around you who are caught in addictions.

Is addiction sin?” was the standing question asked by one student.

And what about Iphones, Monster, Dunkin, & Juling….? Where can it all potentially lead?

Physiological determinants play a role too! When God-given dopamine is messed with, there will be trouble; as well…did Grandpa or Aunt Millie have a drinking problem(?) that can have a ripple effect reaching into many generations.

At the end of the day…what is the responsibility of the Christian and the church at large in regard to the drug epidemic and dealing with people who have a broken -brain via addiction?

These are the topics I spoke about with personal experience. My goal? To educate and bring awareness about the realities of addiction, erase stigma, and to challenge kids to be the feet and hands of Jesus with compassion for those around them who are broken and need help.

Do you have any students that need to hear this message? Contact me anytime.

One Comment on “Addiction Juxtaposed with a Christian World View

  1. Actually for the students of the Community Christian School- now in the Granville Village School building. Sheryl your message was one laced with heartache and sadness, but it was a message that we all (in the room) needed to hear- a message of God’s unconditional love and a message to give Hope. Thank you for emphasizing the point that Jesus came to heal the sick and that often times we as disciples are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus- helping to see his mission of healing the sick come to fruition!


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